Famine Grave

Salmon Cottage at Kenbane

Distant Knocklayd

There are several of these unmarked grave sites around the north coast, all dating from the 1800's and a in particular the time of the famines. They were used to bury paupers as well as the poor and destitute who fell victim to disease and starvation and without the affluence of a chuch grave, were buried in 'famine graves' such as this.  We don't have the names of those buried or  records as to the numbers only that designated fields such as this one near Kenbane became the final resting place for perhaps hundreds of people from the surrounding countryside.  The Famine grave site is situated in the grounds of Crockatinney Guest House owned and run by Francis and Caroline McGinn who I am sure, if asked will allow you to view the site. As you come from Kenbane Castle, turn right onto the Ballintoy to Ballycastle road, about a hundred or so metres, on the brow of the hill, is the entrance into Crockatinney.